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Timber Boot Navy


Timber Boot Navy

Velvety nubuck leather in a sleek shade of navy, a contrasting ankle cuff and strap closure adorned with a brass icon stud add style to the classic Timber boot. Breathable leather and a padded heel provide comfort, while superior adjustability is achieved with strap closure and elasticated lacing. Its balance of form and function make this I-Walk and Kid+ style a perfect casual boot for cooler climates.

  • 100% leather upper and lining.
  • Padded heel cuff for comfort.
  • Strap closure and elastic lacing for increased adjustability.
  • Suitable for application of waterproofing spray.
  • Perfect for confident walkers.

      1. You can measure your childs foot with just an A4 piece of paper and a pen!

      2. Always leave some wiggle room at the toe

      3. Ensure materials are breathable and light

      4. Re-measure and fit shoes every 6-12 months