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Classic Saxe Shirt
Classic Saxe Shirt
Classic Saxe Shirt


Classic Saxe Shirt

This Classic chambray button down shirt is beautifully and proudly sewn with the craftsmanship where they usually manufacture high-end men’s shirts for luxury brands. It  can be worn tuck in or to tuck out. We give you world’s most authentic shirt suited for any occasions. Its length and garment are carefully measured to fit both formally or casually. 

The focus on comfort and finish led to fine domestic sewing; single needle stitching and characteristic details such as European darts and split yoke.

By applying thin interlining to the collar band which snaps into shape when tied, have achieved a casual outfit with a natural feel to it.

All items made carefully in Japan.

We recommend every dress shirt to be washed at home.
Wash as naturally as possible. No special detergent is necessary.
Taking good care of a dress shirt gives unique shirt experiences to everybody.

  1. Straighten out and hang shirt to dry right away after washing.
    Stretch wrinkles around seams. No starch.

  2. Use a spray to wet the entire surface.

  3. Remove larger wrinkles with your hands before ironing.

  4. Iron shirts starting from smaller parts; collar, yoke and cuff. Wet again if necessary.

  5. Finally, iron larger parts such as the front and back body. Press collar inward from both sides toward the center. Press around the button with the tip of the iron. Steam the placket from the inside out.