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Renowned for authentic heritage and craftsmanship dating back to the 60's, Pyrenex produces the highest quality performance outerwear. Using premium goose and duck down from the Pyrenees, its extreme protection jackets are tested in Lapland and the Himalayas to resist temperatures as low as –40°C! Their jackets are extremely popular amongst those in northern countries where highly effective outerwear is important.They are produced using lightweight fabrics so are compact to pack into day bags or suitcases. The ducks and geese from the Pyrenees produce a down of exceptional quality, three times as voluminous as other downs, as they live in wonderful free range conditions. Guarantee your kids are wrapped up warm, whilst being impeccably dressed, find 100% natural materials in Pyrenex feather down jackets, crafted over 50 years of technical and design expertise.

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