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Splash Leather Boots Black
Splash Leather Boots Black


Splash Leather Boots Black

The unique new 100% leather splash boot range are using innovative SPLASHTEX™ leather technology exclusive to Bobux, splash boots are water resistant, hardwearing and deliciously warm whilst stylish enough to be worn in the most sophisticated situations.

 The leather repels water and can be easily wiped clean from dirt and mud, because the leather has a smoother and less porous composition, dirt slides off its surface more easily. It can also be wiped with a damp cloth to remove marks

The Splash Boots are fully lined with a waterproof membrane, and covered in pure Italian woven wool lining for warmth and softness. 

 The Boots can be submerged in puddles up to 5cm deep for over 4 hours, to keep little feet warm and dry.