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Bobo Choses AW16 "How to Disappear"

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Introducing Bobo Choses Fall/ Winter 2016/17 "How to Disappear" collection, influenced by the world of magic and how it captivates children.

"How to Disappear" is inspired by young children's innocence, that they believe when covering their eyes that they have disappeared and that no one can see them.

Bobo Choses pays tribute this season to the world of magic with inspired pieces featuring illustrations & prints showing a table walking, caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly, magic hats and wands with rabbits, how to vanish, and of course how could we forget, the magic word ABRACADABRA!

The Illusionist T-shirt (click here to view)

The Illusionist T-shirt (click here to view)
Hooded Sweatshirt Glasses (click here to view)

Sweatshirt Spoons (click here to view)

Abracadabra Jumper (click here to view)

Impossible Glasses Jumper (click here to view)

Bobo Choses Impossible Glasses T-shirt (click here to view) 

The Illusionist T-shirt (click here to view)

2016 A/W16 Autumn/Winter Bobo Choses Notsobig

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