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Angulus for Autumn

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We are loving our stock of beautiful boots from Angulus for the Autumn season. Ideal for town and country living, these boots are stylish, comfortable and most importantly durable for unpredictable winter weather.

Their signature crepe rubber soles give suitable grip for the rain making them great for the outdoors. Made with the finest materials, they use soft calf leather in beautiful muted colours.

Angulus pride themselves on their consideration of the anatomy of the foot to ensure a perfectly fitting shoe. Since 1904, Angulus have been producing high quality children’s shoes based on their innovative collaboration with doctors and psychotherapists. The rounded toe allows for greater flexibility for the child’s foot to naturally grow and develop while running around in the leaves this Autumn!

Take a look online or pop into our shop in Highgate to try a pair on.

Angulus Autumn Boots Introducing New Shoes

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